This expertise extends to:-

Management of supply chain
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Category Management
Own branding
Returnable crate management 
Day 1 for 2 logistics (Night picking)

MR VEG and now MRVEG DIRECT have extensive experience in dealing with the specific and demanding retail environment. We work along side our customers to build their fruit and veg departments into the winning department of the store, by focusing specifically on quality, consistency, competitiveness and keeping up to speed with the latest trends in retail packaging and displaying of fruit and veg. We often undergo surveys with our supermarket clients to exactly ascertain what specific needs are prevalent in that retailer’s area and adapt our product offering accordingly. By continuously gauging the market and ensuring an open line of communication it is not unusual to see contribution to turnover increasing from 0.5% to 5% in a typical supermarket. Adhering to basic fundamentals and ensuring all year round consistency is also of utmost importance.


  • MRVEG and now MRVEG DIRECT have a great deal of experience working with multiple retail customers
  • Knowledgeable of the fruit and veg industry and has experience in supplying multiple retail outlets.
  • Consistency of supply and quality guaranteed all year round.
  • Full product range
  • Delivery service as required by the customer
  • In store training of fruit and veg staff
  • Assistance offered in general merchandising and store layout pertaining to fruit and veg.
  • Assistance offered with store re-launches, birthday promotions and new store openings
  • Dedicated merchandiser can be assigned to your store to work in conjunction with the fruit and veg manager or store manager
  • Frequent promotions and bargains to improve your GP
  • Streamed lined ordering process
  • Clear and concise invoicing