With a dedicated pack house on site, MRVEG DIRECT can produce pre-packs exactly to your specification.

Pack types include:-

Gyro sacks
Flow wraps
Stretch Wraps
Shrink Wraps

We can produce labels to your specification.

This packing service also extends to decanting from wood box to plastic euro trays, labeling of product packed at source,

Quality and presentation are always the major considerations in producing top quality packs that would not look out of place in a high end retail store.

Processed Fruit and vegetables

These are all prepared fresh to order on site in our clean rooms. Most of our competitors typically ask for notice on all ready prepared veg items. We don’t! We start work at 5AM and make up your order fresh as you phone it in. We don’t ask you to order in 5kg and 10kg units – as we make your order fresh to order you can order 1.75kg, 3.56kg …etc whatever you want in fact!

Our range includes:-
Whole peeled potatoes, quarter and half roast, fondants and chateau potatoes. Baton carrots, hand turned carrots, sliced and diced carrots. Cauliflower & Broccoli florets, vegetable Curry mix, Chunky fries …et

The division delivers to a wide area of the catering sector including schools, universities, public houses, restaurants and hotels. A large fleet of vehicles enable the prompt, efficient deliveries at regulated times. Customers can place orders for next day delivery by telephone, answer machine, fax or e-mail via the company website at www.mrveg.co.za.

The division is constantly listening to customer’s needs and as a result, has widened its product range extensively. All requirements in vacuum packed pre-prepared vegetables, fruit and salads can be met along with other catering essentials such as bread, milk and general daily products.

In addition, a full range of cheese is available upon request along with other sundries including fruit juices, soft drinks, bottled spring water and flowers. Independent management of the catering division has also enabled the company to develop a proactive involvement in customer needs. Regular information in relation to special offers, in and out of season produce and possible alternatives is sent to all customers via bulletins on a frequent basis. In addition a designated point of contact is available to all customers’ who have any requests or require information. This is essential in such a dynamically changing industry.