Traditional and Quality

About Us

MR VEG have their roots firmly entrenched in the fresh produce industry, with humble beginnings in the late 60s, when fruit and vegetables were sold on the street corners of Bell and Henshall street in Nelspruit and long arduous 10hour treks were undertaken to Johannesburg three times a week to collect the fruit & veg from the old fresh produce market in Market street in Johannesburg.

MR VEG has always known and believed in one thing, there is no substitute for good quality fresh fruit & veg. With this in mind MR VEG has grown from strength to strength and in 1999 it was registered as a Pty Ltd company, it now comprises various operating divisions which include

Fresh fruits and vegetables all year

We provide only natural quality


– which is a warehouse facility specifically brought into being in April of this year to service our wholesale customers and to deal with all our delivery customers from a central point, our new warehouse is conveniently situated at the Mpumalanga Fresh Produce Market on the N4 highway just past Valencia.

This 1000square meter facility ensures that 100 percent attention is given to our delivery clients and that each order is quality checked before leaving our doors exactly to the customer requirements. Orders can be easily placed by telephone, fax, email, or direct through our online section. Orders received before 12am will be delivered the same day, and we are open Monday to Saturday for our customer’s convenience.