Employee Upliftment Projects

The following  project is implemented to uplift all employees and to provide better quality life to all working for MRVEG FOODS.

For what can I claim?

  • Any person who is in a sudden serious financial situation or problem can put in a claim.
  • You cannot claim when it is obvious that you are simply making bad planning with your wages.
  • When claiming you must be prepared to divulge personal and private information about your situation. The HR manager will however treat it in strict confidence.

The following situations will be awarded priority:

  • Serious sickness/injury in families
  • Food shortage in families
  • Risk of loosing home

How much will each employee contribute?

  • There will be no contribution required from individual employees.
  • How much will the company contribute per employee?
  • The company will NOT make a contribution per employee, but will make a monthly contribution into the fund.

When was fund started?

1st June 2009

How long must I work at MR VEG FOODS before I am allowed to claim?

6 months

Who can claim?

Any person working for or rendering his services to MR VEG FOODS.

What happens when more money is claimed than available in the fund?

The fund cannot go into the negative. Should the fund be depleted, it cannot pay out any claims.
No claims can be put in with the HR manager wile the fund is depleted (on zero). While depleted, the fund will be temporarily closed and only open for claims again when the company makes the following months R100 contribution into the fund.

How must I claim?

A claim form must be obtained from the HR Manager (Andrew Martin).
When form completed, it must be handed in for claim at the HR Manager.
The HR manager will review and investigate the validity of the request
Should he approved the request, it will need the final approval and signature of the MD before payout